I loved this record when it came out and I still do. I had to review it. “Will U Always Be Mine” is perfect. I think it came out in 1997, but this review is from 1999. I believe I bought it at BPM records in ’99 and was so impressed with it that I didn’t mind reviewing it a couple of years late. It’s a fantastic record and very collectible now among classic house and techno enthusiasts.

Walt J
Walt J’s sound is unpretentious, tracky techno that is raw yet really lush. Check “Will U Always Be Mine” for the perfect fusion of garage and techno — swingy, keyboard-heavy tech with an urgent vocal sample and loose, brittle beats that maintain the funky tension you need for any dancefloor. Other highlights include “Feel What I Feel,” “Don’t Stop” and “Dance All Night.” This is raw music that some will misconstrue as being naive when it merely displays an honesty lacking in most modern techno. Check this and other single releases by this artist on the DOW label. Chris Orr