Danny Wang’s music really spoke to me in the ’90s as it was such a unique and personal take on disco and really underlined its ongoing importance. Plus through Danny I met Bruce Gauld, who I felt was probably one of the best djs I had ever heard in my life, definitely the best in SF, exemplified  in how he presented an eclectic, but extremely coherent, and extremely American dance floor sound. Danny was also hooking up my good friend Dave with some choice disco and Italo disco cuts in the late ’90s. Danny is a dance floor scholar and I was always delighted to hear something new from him. This EP features a track by Carlos Hernandez, who is Carlos Santana’s nephew.

Balihu 010
Danny Wang’s imprint comes correct once again with this three-track compilation EP. Danny opens things with the Moroder-at-the-Paradise-Garage-with-Model-500 brilliance of “Rings of Saturn.” Here he continues his love for analog funk with this gritty, but lush, little dancefloor roller comprising a chunky Moroderesque bassline augmented by subtle, effective percussion, rich keys and plenty of those Levan-style delays. Like Theo Parrish, Wang is busy delivering his own very personal version of dance music (house, techno, fill in appropriate sub-genre here). Isn’t that what dance music used to be about?

Seiji Fukuda follows with his resonant, ambient “Cherry Rain,” a haunting, echo-filled track draped with drifting piano textures and what sounds like a treated sitar sample — full of Lower Eastside promise. Finally Carlos Hernandez delivers the mellow, drum bass-accented weirdness of “Shyboy 123,” a melancholy, glassy-keyed, analog playground for shy boys everywhere. This is a very special EP you should own if have a passion for any kind of electronic music. Chris Orr