There’s not really much you can say about Kerri Chandler except that he makes fantastic house music and garage.

Kerri Chandler
Digital Soul EP

Mr. Chandler returns to the prestigious Chicago garage imprint Large with four new top-notch, bass-heavy, lush and melodic grooves. “Andromeda” is funky and atmospheric and features an intriguing violin solo. “My Love, My Life” is a disco-garage number with swirling synths, a fervent male vocal and a picked metallic guitar riff drifting through the music. I Knew” has smooth instrumentation, crisp, bright percussion, understated bass action and a Basement Jaxx-style vocoded vocal. Finally, there’s my personal favorite, the deep space exploration of “Digital Love Affair“,  a sensual mix of warm Kraftwerkian electronics, hefty bass, percussion, and an introverted feeling not a million light years away from Fingers Inc.’s seminal “Distant Planet.” Top EP in its class. Chris Orr