This message appeared in the liner notes of this release. …In the mix mentallity : We work hard, we play harder ! No matter what the system throws in our way we will find a way to get to the party (nuff respect !) This musical mix is for you ! THE PARTY PEOPLE ! 

Rest In Power, Romanthony.

DJ Romanthony
Live In the Mix

Romanthony has produced some monumental tracks in his time. Who doesn’t get excited by “The Wanderer,” an uncategorizable piece of modern dance music that is regularly slipped into a genre only due to the fact that it came out on Prescription. “Ministry of Love” is as rousing as dancefloor music gets. All the tracks on this collection are pretty damned good too, tightly strung together by Romanthony’s voiceovers, with vocal tracks like Nyree’s “Dance With Me” and “Good Times” adding soul and drama to the mix. Although a dj mix comprised exclusively of tracks by the same producer who mixes it might seem a little indulgent (if not narcississtic), any of these tracks in a mix comprised of other producers would stand out. Well worth checking when you need that extra boost to go out to the party on Saturday night. The next Romanthony mix would triumph with some of Distance’s other fine artists in there too. Chris Orr