So This Is The Dining Room” was the first release by Matt Chicoine, aka Recloose. Legend has it that he slipped a demo CD into Carl Craig’s sandwich order. Craig was a customer at the deli Chicoine worked at in Detroit. The rest is pastrami…I mean history. Matt followed this with some fine releases and then got himself out of Detroit, went to NZ and is now in NY. I received a promo CD of the release from Planet E HQ some time in ’98 and decided to give it a review as it was so off-kilter and downright funky.

Dream Zenith EP was Chaz Vincent’s only full release, but what a fine one it was. One of his tracks “Human Powered Flight” was also featured on the “Geology – A Subjective Study Of Planet E – Volume Two” EP. He is now a visual artist in London, Ontario. This is his website.

So This Is The Dining Room
Chaz Vincent
Dream Zenith EP
Planet E/US/12
An EP of exotic tech with “Welcome” kicking things off in a hip hop stylee and “Dencity” following with the funk also, albeit slightly twisted. “MYM 230 (R.I.P.)” sees things getting into techno breakbeat mode with metallic beats, aquatic textures and washes of synthy strings, spooky but funky. “Noodles” is frantic drum ‘n’ bass.

Chaz Vincent enters into the familiar realm of uptempo techno with a four-track EP of deep bass, kicky beats and angular keyboard textures. “Dream Zenith Part 1” is all that, while Part 2 is an exercise in analog cacophony. “Dreamwave” is a wild-pitching techy house thang with crisp beats, a growling bassline and moogy keyboard touches. “Tomcat” finishes things off in a strong fashion with haunting but melodic synth lines and a heavy percussive bottom end. Fresh talent for Planet E and why not? Worth checking both of these. Chris Orr