When it comes to Kerri Chandler is there really any need for an intro? He rules, and that’s about it.

Kerri Chandler
Thing For Linda EP
Downtown 161/US/12
Raw Grooves 4
Large Records/US/12
If you were to look up the word “garage” in a music dictionary, one half of the definition would contain a picture of the ’60s rock band The Seeds and the other half, a picture of Sir Kerrence of Chandelier. Why ? Well, Mr. Chandler basically defines all the best attributes of classic garage, and in a more progressive nature, which is influenced by the ongoing abstraction and experimentation of all the genres in the dance music spectrum. These qualities are displayed in spades on both of these releases, making both of them essential purchases.

In terms of specific tracks “Movin’ In” is one of the deepest, lushest, most beautiful garage tracks I have heard in a long time. While on Raw Grooves 4 ‘Mind Funkt” uses the keyboard loop that Disco Elements rocked so well on “Progresso Disco Time” to optimum effect. “My Childhood” throws superior Hammond solo action over the uptempo break from Herbie’s “Chameleon.” Supreme wickedness of a brilliantly high excellence from the large soul of the downtown, and stuff like that. Chris Orr