In the late ’90s there was a serious amount of chin stroking going on in the techno world. Techno had always been an intellectual form of dance music to some extent, the headiness of early Detroit experiments was testament to that. However, with the advent of the minimal sound coming out of Germany, and from Detroit artists like Rob Hood and Jeff Mills, a somewhat silly pretentiousness began to permeate the culture of the music. I-f’s Italo disco informed “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” was a reminder of how fun and completely weird techno could be when done well, but, was this techno?

The single had already come out on Viewlexx in Holland and had been included on From Beyond Vol. 1 on the Interdimensional Transmissions label. It got a full single release on the Ann Arbor based imprint and I got a promo in my sweaty mitts to review, which I did with aplomb, or a plumb or something like that. Why I thought I-f was from Vienna is still beyond me? He’s from The Hague. Vienna seemed more rosemantic I suppose.

Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Interdimensional Transmissions/US/12
This absolutely wacky piece of lo-fi tech from Vienna gets the remix treatment and is an absolute must for all the high-brow fuckers out there killing techno with their minimal manifestos. Wake up, cheer up and buy this record while you’re at it. Zany, funky, unnerving and hilarious all at once, plus you get an extended version, the original version that was part of From Beyond Vol 1 and a new version called the “Secret Desire” Instrumental. Brendan Gillen’s label goes from strength to strength with this dance floor aimed strangeness. A breath of fresh air amid the minimal depression. Chris Orr