Soiree is a Detroit label that really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Derrick Thompson started Soiree Records International in 1990. By the mid-90s his imprint was really picking up steam putting out release after release of low-key, high-quality tech-inflected house and garage. Soiree is still with us today and has been releasing EPs that feature tracks by Rennie Foster, Santonio Echols and Drivetrain (Derrick Thompson’s long-running project). In 1996 some friends of mine and I brought Derrick out to San Francisco to DJ with us. I can’t remember the venue, the date or any of that, but I do remember it being a fantastic night of music for those who showed up.

The record below came out in ’98 and it’s still worth a spin.

Drivetrain – The 2nd Symphonium
Lost/Get Up
Derrick Thompson really delivers with “Lost,” a deep, bass heavy, sensual, aquatic and downright indecent measure of sexy house, and a serious bassline to boot. This one haunts you and funks you all at once. Flip it over and you have the slightly heavier and more peak time oriented “Get Up” which fulfills the role of rockin’ disco house and reelin DJ tool all at once. Make the right consumer choice and attain this exhilarating piece of petroleum industry spin off product very soon. Chris Orr