This is an excellent record that really stood out at the time of its release. I’ve heard a few people play it, from Francois K to Stacey Pullen. However, my most vivid memory of it is hearing Romanowski playing “Groove La Chord” at Derek Boyle and Farika Joyce’s fantastic Off The Hook party in San Francisco in 2000 at a venue called Border Cantina, now known as F8. Kim Ann Foxman was on the dance floor grooving around a bit if I remember correctly.

The super diverse crowd, comprised of young, hip Lesbians, hip-hop dudes and the musically curious who came out to dance about, made this shindig one of the best of its era. It was a truly inspirational party that defined what San Francisco was about then; a mix of everyone; queer, straight, old, young, new and used. They were all there and “Groove La Chord” really added to the soundtrack.

Aril Brikha
Art OF Vengeance EP
A welcome offering from Fragile who, after a longish hiatus, return with this three tracker. The approach is minimal but lush, funky but deep. For your well earneds you get two mixes of “Groove Is Chord” and a spacious, bouncy groover called ‘Way Back,” which could be pleasant accompaniment for Global Communications mix of Azymuth or Blue Maxx’s “Life Game.” Deep, rounded tech for open minded housers or tech heads who like a wide screen groove to soften the crunch. Essential. Chris Orr