According to David ‘Brun’ Brown of Swayzak this was the first article ever published in the US about his project with partner, James S. Taylor. I only found this out many years later when I randomly ran into him again in Amoeba on Haight St. in San Francisco. I can’t remember how I got in touch with Brown and Taylor originally in ’97, but they sent me this fine EP and I duly reviewed it. They were early adapters to the excellent dub techno coming from the likes of Basic Channel and Monolake etc. and they fused those influences with an equal passion for dub reggae and the dubbed out early garage of NY-based, British ex-pat Paul Simpson.

Speedboat/Low Res Skyline
The second release from this small British techno label and already a recent Muzik Magazine Vital Single of The Month. An aural peruse through this little gem will indicate to you why it achieved this status. “Speedboat” is a textured, gloriously dubby ride trough abstract electronics, bringing Maurizio, Jah Shaka, Serious Intention and Model 500 to mind (no mean feat) and pulling you into oceanic depths of technoid grooviness (hmmm). Flip it over for the dreamy, chiming depth of “Low Res Skyline.” A very interesting release that should be filed somewhere near Mauler’s recent “PGM” EP. Scoop it if you see it. Chris Orr