I was always game for a bit of 16B back in the ninenees, so when this record arrived in the mail I proceeded to write about it and get it in the mix. Omid Nourizadeh, the man behind the 16B monicker, was very handy at putting extremely danceable grooves together, but it was the textures he chose in his productions that pulled me in. These were always lush and his bass lines often had an elastic feel to them, which made his tracks even more energetic and funky. This one is still worth pulling out and giving a twirl.

Natacha Atlas
Nation Records/UK/12
Taken from Ms Atlas’ recent album, “Amulet” gets a serious housing from Omid ’16B’ Nourizadeh. What can I say about this record? Strange, other-worldly, but incredibly funky, and driven by an elastic bassline while dislocated voices and exotic picked string sounds whirl around its compulsive groove. Another winner that proves that Mr. Nourizadeh is the one to watch in ’97. Chris Orr