There are some records that I can remember receiving and reviewing  and there are some that get lost in memory amid all the promos that were mailed to me when I was at XLR8R. This is one of the former. It’s only when I went back over my scans from the magazine that I discovered this review.

Hiroshi Morohashi
Insanity Note / Evening Glow
Three track EP of oft jungle cadenced techno from Japan via France. The first track “Insanity Note” is a blistering fusion of electro, chunky techno and drum ‘n’ bass. Flip this disc over and you’ll find “Evening Glow” a mellower affair with the same tech step vibe as the opening track. Things finish with “No Form” a jumbling, metallic, bassline-driven, Detroitesque number that will keep the track heads happy. Odd, but very interesting little disc. Chris Orr