Cassio Ware is a lege. It’s as simple as that. He is the Barry White of American garage and has worked with some of the best producers of that sound. His gorgeous classic, “Baby Love” has Blaze and Smack mixes on it. That in itself says everything. He is also a producer in his own right. For proof check out his “Getting Hot” single on Abigail Adams’ legendary Movin’ Records imprint. He also has material on other seminal garage labels, such as Polar, Perfect Pair, Easy Street and Music USA (on which he released the beautiful, “Makin’ Love,”  a dancin’ record that could be utilized for makin’ babies too).

If you love the Jersey and New York garage sound then you know Cassio’s name and will have grooved around to one of his tunes at some point. Below is a review of “I Like You“, a release on the UK label PAN. It’s a bit of a tune and has remixes by the London garage evangelists Phil Asher and Luke McCarty, operating as Restless Soul.

Cassio Ware
I Like You
Top notch garage from Jersey via Ladbroke Grove, London. Cassio Ware, the man behind such classics as “Baby Love,” continues his endless journey into smoochy groovedom or groovy smoochdom, depending on your taste and all important consumer preferences. Five mixes of sublime, sexy, soulful, schlammin’ and schmoove garage with two delivered by West London’s finest Luke McCarty and Phil Asher. This will ignite loins and dance floors alike and show that quality garage is still out there in Jersey. Chris Orr