Stefan Robbers and Harold De Kinderen did — and probably still do — like a bit of ye olde acide. On this compilation from 1997 they proved without a glimmer of a doubt why they were/are/will be until infinity or beyond, Acid Junkies. A top mix if you like a bit of the squelchiness!

Acid Junkies
The Acid Life 1
Play It Loud/Netherlands/CD
A sixteen-track acid extravaganza mixed by those acid heads Stefan Robbers and Harold de Kinderen of Holland’s Acid Junkies. Here they beat mix their way through 303 anthems of differing intensities; from the light, acid electro of “Acid Drop” by the Beat Brothers, to the harder tech of “Mental Surgery” by Silent Breed, and the analog insanity of Woody McBride’s “TPR” and Essit Musique’s “De Theorie Van De Machinale Monotomie.” There’s over an hour of acid dementia and if that’s your bag then you’re really going to love this CD. The little silver box has never sounded better or more overworked. Slamming in a rather deranged fashion. Chris Orr