Sensurreal was one of the names that Dutch production duo Gerd operated under in the ’90s. Whereas Gerd was more of a techno oriented project, Sensurreal experimented with breakbeats and deep house/techno textures. This came out in 1996, the same year that their remix of Sterac’s “Axion” was released on the Dutch imprint 100% Pure. The cut for me is ‘Principia Symbolica,’ a rolling, funky thing that sounded like a cross between deep NY house and boogie, with a breakbeat propelling it.

New Brand Design
This is a deep, funky EP from those Dutch bods who brought us that amazing remix of Sterac’s “Axion.” This contains three tracks. Side one is taken up with “New Brand Design,” an extra long work out that starts off thoughtful and groovy before upping the gears considerably and mutating into a slightly heavier machine. The upside is taken up with “Maaricultures” and “Principia Symbolica” two breakbeat based, git down, funky, electroish grooves that should set the floor swinging. Provides an intelligent break from 4/4 based monotony. Worth hunting down. Chris Orr