I loved Daniel Wang’s music in the ’90s. I heard his “Like Some Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming” track in a club in San Francisco one night in the summer of ’95 and instantly fell in love with his sound. Then his Aphroasiatechnubian EP came out later that year and I decided to interview him for XLR8R — I will publish that interview soon. In 1996 Daniel put out this EP reviewed below and continued on his stellar musical path of reawakening the essence of disco in contemporary dance music. Aphroasiatechnubian is a very cute record, track it down if you don’t have it.

Daniel Wang
The Morning Kids EP
Danny Wang gives us the third installment (there was no Balihu 002) of disco deviance and once again is outstanding in his field (and when you are out standing on the dancefloor you will realise the striking verity of this statement, considering the fact that he lives in New York City where there is little or no agricultural land). This four-track thingy is replete with swinging beats, stinging basslines and searing strings. Of course, there are some samples from obscure Paradise Garage classics, which will have the whole family singing along with uncontrollable glee. All tracks are little stunners with “Baby Powder Dementia” and “Lovin’ Free” really hitting the mark for me. Covet, seek and embrace wholeheartedly, while keeping an eye out for Balihu 005, which is coming soon. Chris Orr