There’s not much you can say about Prescription Records because the music speaks for itself. What fantastic music.

The Grand Lodge of Luxor (Thebes) EP
Prescription /US/12
Grandly handled in every sense of the word, the GLOL EP contains tracks by A Bascom (Abacus), Chez and Ron, Glenn Underground and MK. “Body Salsa” is a skippy, happy little groover with a slight Latin feel and much mix and dance potential. Glenn Underground follows with “CVO Reprise“, which is a deep, echoey, reverberating and utterly ingenius version of “Bonus” from his CVO EP on Balance. This track goes on forever, and thank Christ for that ‘cos it’s excellent and I can’t wait to hear it out on a big sound system.

Flip it over and witness Chez and Ron doing their best Jacques Cousteau impression with “Morning Factory,” sensuous, lush, minimal, bassy, haunting and warmly futuristic, you’ll need at least half an hour in a decompression chamber after listening to this…way deeper than four episodes of “Das Boot.” MK and a bloke called Andthoney close the proceedings with a smooth, uncluttered, vocal sample-driven number called “The Feeling.”It’s ┬álovely, floaty and groovy. An excellent EP from Prescription. Can they do no wrong? No, vinyl gorgeousness epitomised. CO