This one has gone on to become a bit of a classic, and very collectible.  It might have been the first promo I received from Rob and Ivan (later the owners of Guidance Recordings) when they were the go-to promotional guys at Cajual. The day I got my land phone installed in my new apartment in SF the first number I called was Cajual Records in Chicago. The blagging — and writing, of course — had begun. This was a great start to writing about Cajual, and this is a fantastic record, which is still worthy of being dropped in a set.

Terence FM
Feelin’ Kinda High
Terrence doesn’t really sing on this one, he just intones about how high he is over three bassy, house grooves. The main mix on the A side is simply drums and bass with Terence repeatedly telling us that he is a tad out of it, but on the effects of love. The bass groove just keeps bouncing along with his vocal being EQ’d and tinkered with.

The first dub on the B side slips into a deeper level, with Terence’s vocal getting even more EQ effects. The bassline has a bouncy Detroit feel before sliding into an organ groove that then re-emerges as a Derrick May style chunky, b-line thang. The last dub mix is a stripped-down, organ groove, with heaving drums and delicious acidic tension. Altogether a lovely, stoney, little opus that will sound good on a big system with the lights way down. CO