There’s not much you can say about Glenn Underground that hasn’t been said already. In the mid-90s he displayed a finessed ability to walk a fine line between deep techno, deep house and styles that touched on disco, r&b and jazz. “Beyond” is a trancey, deep house/techno hybrid that liberally sampled Herb Alpert’s “Beyond.” It’s still worth checking and worth dropping on a crowded dance floor.

Is this techno, trance or is it just plain old house? well it’s house but it’s not plain or old, in fact it’s quite stunning. Chicago techno trackmeister Glen Underground has ventured into deeper waters of late, with his CVO EP on Balance and now with this throb-bing slice of pumping House. .”Beyond” excudes the same surreal disco feel that Carl Craig has been known to tinker with. It comprises a rolling Giorgio Moroder style bassline over skipping hi hats and a solid kick. Underground then introduces a whistling synth riff, grandiose seventies disco style strings and a latin jazz sax sample.

This concoction rolls on for eleven minutes plus and you simply get lost in it as it cruises through the industrial wastelands of the Windy City and the Motor City with its soul cocooned in a micro chip. Buy it regardless of what genre of house you aspire to, and flip it over too for some sampled disco madness in ‘ Somebody Scream” and “I Need U.” CO