I received this in the mail with the Red Planet CD compilation and was very impressed by what I heard. “Jaguar” went on to be a classic and the source of much controversy due to a dodgy Euro, major label cover version that attempted to skirt the annoyances of copyright. This maneuver invoked the wrath of the Underground Resistance camp and justice prevailed in the end, if I remember correctly. This is a fantastic slab of Detroit wax and is still worth working into the mix if you like your techno transcendent. Beautiful music from the always reliable UR.

The Aztec Mystic aka DJ Rolando
Knights Of The Jaguar
Underground Resistance/US/12
UR’s Rolando turns in another melodic techno tune that rivals the brilliance of the recent “Aztlan.” This time the proceedings are less tribal and more melodic, especially on “Jaguar,” on which glassy, melodic keys are joined by intricate drum programming and dramatic synths that exude a latin passion. On the flip is the tense and building “AscesiĆ³n,” which does exactly as the title says with filtered strings and a dense, metallic groove. Check. Chris Orr