Carl Craig’s extremely forward-looking tune from the 1992 Shop/Innerzone Orchestra EP got dusted off in 1996 and was given the remix treatment by a slew of notables (that’s not the name of a project btw). The remixers in question included Claude Young, who carried out the “31st Century Jazz Mix” on a 10 inch single sided record, a Peshay drum ‘n’ bass mix, a 4 Hero mix and a Kirk Degiorgio mix. I wrote this review under the pen name Dr. Thurton Thithertinton ‘cos I thought I was being clever. Thought.

Innerzone Orchestra
Bug In The Bassbin (Remixes)
Planet E/US/12
Carl Craig’s visionary classic gets remixed, or does it? On the A side of this you get a live jazz version of the original with Francisco Mora and Rodney Whitiker (who have played with Sun Ra and Max Roach respectively) collaborating with Carl to produce a very kinetic tune.┬áVery limited copies were pressed on gorgeous Audiophile vinyl, so get out there and get one and then pick up more remixes on Mo’Wax courtesy of 4 Hero, Claude Young and Peshay. I wonder if it was remixed in front of a crowd of green and blue lint balls? Anyway, what more can you say except, light up, turn on, bug out? Indeed. Dr.Thurton Thithertinton