Teddy Esposito’s fine Groovin’ Records imprint presented a high quality New York-style, garage sound for the mid-to-late ’90s. If the discogs page for Groovin’ is correct then the EP reviewed below was the last release on the label. The entire catalog is worthy of investigation and there are some jams contained within it that would still light up the dance floor.

Various Artists
New York Grooves EP
Groovin’ Records NYC
When you mention the word garage these days, many people immediately think of ¬†2-step. But garage is really the soulful, East Coast style of house music that heavily influences 2-step, and this four-track EP proves its viability. Wu-Tang’s engineer¬†Choco delivers two up-front garage tracks featuring righteous keyboard solos, busy beats, and a classy vocal from Craig Mitchell. Palo Science’s “Soul Eclipse” brings a break-house feel that’s very much in the vein of Jazzanova, while Larow’s “Celebrate” is a primetime party jam with deep bass. Groovin’ NYC rarely fails to excite, and this time is no exception. New York Grooves is pure class and value for the money with four usable gems. Chris Orr