I bought the first volume of this when it came out in 2000. It was interesting to hear Jeff Mills experiment with deeper textures that touched on house and the more melodic end of techno. I was never a huge fan — and I’m still not — of minimal techno. I always viewed it as functional in a set, and never saw a need for an entire set, or night, to be devoted to it.

The minimal tracks that were of a high quality were worth putting in a set, and carried out the function of breaking everything down to a groove, giving the DJ the opportunity to build it back up again. I will say that going back to Robert Hood’s Internal Empire really showed me how well minimal techno could be done. I found a copy in a Goodwill and the textures and atmospherics he uses are impressive. Mills also threw me for a loop with his Every Dog Has Its Day EPs. Though I suppose these were LPs, given how long they were.

Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 2 (Axis)
Jeff Mills follows the excellent first volume with another nine tracks of warm, involving techno. Though “The Wizard” is noted for his relentless, hard-edged productions, this double pack reevaluates the introspective and highly melodic sound of classic Detroit techno. Echoes of Derrick May, Black Dog and 808 State feature throughout. If only these were available on CD. Chris Orr