Dan Harris, who throws the Blank series of parties, asked me to play his second party back in May of this year. I figured the kids might want to hear some classics so I played a set of mostly classic house, garage and techno and a few newer bits in those genres too. It comes from how I heard DJs in clubs and on mix-tapes back when I heard house music for the first time in the late ’80s. There weren’t enough records in any genre to focus on just one so the DJs would move through styles of music during the course the night.

The legendary UK acid house clubs of that era didn’t just play records with the TB 303 in them, they played the contemporary tunes that worked the dance floors at that time; vocal, acid and jack tracks from Chicago, NY and NJ garage, Detroit techno, early UK house productions and even New Beat tunes from Belgium. That type of eclecticism made a great impression on me and has stuck with me ever since, informing how I buy and play dance music.

Here’s my set from Blank 02, House, techno and garage. Christopher Orr