I wrote for Mixmag’s US edition for a while also back in ’96 and ’97. I only have two issues of the magazine and they showed up in my kitchen closet yesterday — no they weren’t on vacation in Ibiza. I had overlooked them for nearly twenty years, evidently. Below is a review of an EP by DJ Romain and Matt “Keys” Echols, two fantastic producers from NY.

Black Daniels Present
Toasted EP
A new division of Jon Cutler’s Distant Music label premiers with a very fine release from DJ Romain and Matt Echols. This four-track EP has one side devoted to two slammin’, jazzy hip-hop instrumentals, “I Feel the Flutes” and “Max Mind State” and the other side is taken up with the absolutely exquisite garage feel of “The Cordz” and a pumpin’ beat track called ‘ Wild Congas.” DJ Romain and Matt Echols have been delivering the goodies of late and this one comes with sweet icing and a big cherry on top. Love it. Chris Orr