007 was a project name The Basement Boys used for just one project. There’s not much you can say about The Basement Boys. A peruse through their back catalog and production credits will reveal just how much they have done.  They’re from Baltimore, an American city that has contributed a lot to global, electronic music culture and deserves a little bit more credit for it.

Do You Believe EP
Basement Boys/US/12
Very solid three track EP of deep, bassy and very jazzy garage driven along by heavy, nailed to the floor beats and topped off with thick layers of Hammond organ and piano on “Do You Believe’ and a meandering saxaphone ripples its way through “By God.” “See The Light” owes some of its raspy effec-tiveness to Djaimin from back in the day. Nothing fancy just good, floor heaving tunes. timeless tunage, buy first, ask questions later. Chris Orr