When I received something in the mail from Underground Resistance I was always excited. This release was no exception, and they sent me two copies of the test pressing, because one side is supposed to be mixed with the other. Try this yourself and see how good it sounds. Techno made in buildings in run down neighborhoods to be listened to while gazing at the stars. I love this record.

Octave One/Underground Resistance
Day Star Rising/Aztlan
430 West/US/12
This joint release from two of the big wigs of the Motor City scene shows some of the Euro heads how the tech-house thing should be done. Octave One opt for an anthemic approach with “Day Star Rising,” comprising pumping beats and sub bass, rolling under towering strings and abstract FX. On the flipside, Mad Mike and DJ Rolando throw down a bass heavy, tracky house groove with a Latin feel, punctuated with urgent spoken vocal samples. Excellent apart, but in the mix together (as these tracks are designed to be used), unstoppable. Pick up two copies of this soon and work them. Chris Orr