Julius Papp is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best loved DJs. His sound has always been melodic, with disco, funk and jazz inflections. As a DJ he’s extremely capable with new material, and knows when to drop a classic or two. Whenever I run into him, which is very rare, he is always extremely civil, even though I probably ask him “Are you from San Jose? I heard you were Canadian?” whenever I see him. Unabashed that I have asked him this already, and probably thinking that I have been dropped on my head a few times (in fact, I have. On astroturf, however) Julius shows no sign of impatience, smiles and graciously informs me that he is from Montreal, but has been a resident in the Bay Area for many years. I’ve finally remembered at this point.

The mix compilation reviewed below was released on the wonderful Maxi Records label, which has put out many fine deep house and garage releases over the span of its twenty plus years of life. It includes¬†“Love and Respect” by Carlos Santos Movement, ¬†“Harmonica Track” by Danny Tenaglia’s Soulboy project (which was actually released on Arthur Baker’s Minimal Records imprint) and “Stardust” by Dino and Terry Demopolous’ Crash Connection, so it’s OK by me.

Julius Papp
Go Deep With Julius Pass
Maxi Records/US/CD
A beautiful collection of deep house lifted from the Maxi group of labels and pieced together fluidly and creatively by Julius Papp. Quality moments from the label over the last year include “Untitled” by The Listening Parlour, the infinitely deep, wide-screen house of “Love and Respect” by Carlos Santos Movement and Danny Tenaglia’s all-time classic “Harmonica Track” by Soulboy. Papp adds his own touches, like the subtle use of an accapella, deft phasing and employing the opening vocal later in the mix, providing the listener with a gorgeous feeling of deja vu. A fine house mix, and there are plenty of bad ones out there, so grab it if you see it. Chris Orr