I can’t remember when I got this, but I do recall receiving it in a package from Submerge, probably with some other records, maybe some 430 West or Direct Beat promos. Even back then the Somewhere In Detroit records were rare and I was very happy to get this. The only way to get records from the S.I.D. series was to go to the Submerge store in Detroit. That I got this in the mail really brightened up my day. I never needed any encouragement or coaxing to absolutely love the music that came out of Detroit, but this little gift made me an even bigger fan, if that was possible. The people at Submerge always looked after me and I thank them and Mike Banks for some fantastic records that still sit in my collection. I am proud to have them and delighted that I got to write about them.

Soulsaver/Enhanced Rhythm Perception
Somewhere In Detroit/US/12
A tale of two different sides on this, S.I.D. No. 6. “Soulsaver” is a fierce, building, driving, bassy diskoid house thang with a rump shakingly heavy bottom end and vocoderized vocal snippets. Imagine Model 500 and Daft Punk jammin’ and it would probably sound a little somethin’ like this. On the flip “ERP” is a bossy, rolling electro work-out with minimal touches of synth and what sounds like a reverbed Rhodes. Outrageously funky and a steal at twice the price. Don’t even think, get out and get it and then, given that you have established all the prerequisite record consumer parameters, get down. Chris Orr