Another great promo that I got in the mail from the fine folks over at Submerge. Direct Beat was the side label of the Burden Brothers’ (aka Octave One) 430 West imprint. It was devoted to electro and usually material that was a little less heady than Drexciya. I suppose you could say that it was more assy than heady. This was booty music with a retro-futurist feel. The remixes on this 12 inch were carried out by Microknox, Cirkit and DJ Di’jital. That’s all the info I have. I know there are still many techno aficionados who love the electro sound and I’m sure they loved, and still love, this one.

Aux 88
I Need To Freak (Remixes)
Direct Beat/US/12
No prizes for guessing what this is. Five mixes of unpretentious, Kraftwerk luvin’, body poppin, booty shakin’ and cerebrum twistin’ electroid madness. Spread out over five mixes, there’s something here for everyone (who loves electro). It might not please the high brow techno chaps, but hey who cares, this is as fun as hell. Scoop it, if you like that sort of thing. Chris Orr