Chicago producer Mike Dearborn is renowned for his hard edged and sometimes acidic productions for labels like Djax-Up-Beats, Muzique Records, and his own Majesty Recordings imprint. This a review of the second release on Majesty.

Feel The Rush
Mike Dearborn’s label presents its sophomore effort with this three tracker of hard as you like acidic techno. This gear takes absolutely no prisoners especially in the beats department. The EP opens with “Feel The Rush,” an unrelenting hard number that sucks you in with tough beats and an uncompromising groove, before dropping three and a half tons of acid on you. “Burner” and “On The Mend” on the flipside display similar attributes, with the latter ditching the acid for even harder sounds. Not for the meek. I suggest that you wear head gear even while playing this record in a seismically retro-fitted building. Chris Orr