When a promo arrived in the mail from Submerge in Detroit I always got very excited. This one definitely deserved that reaction.

Random Noise Generation
The Legacy EP
430 West/US/12
The Brothers Burden return with their RNG moniker and a strong three track EP of minimal, but atmospheric, tech funk. Side A is taken up with “Chasing The Wind,” a fast, grinding groover with intricate hi-hattery, swirling keyboard line and a slicing, techy bassline. On the other side there’s the little peach of the pack, “Random Funk,” an atmospheric track excursion that is also very funkin’ funky. It’s repetitive and driving and the contrast of interesting keyboard textures combined with the track’s unstoppable groove and arching strings make this disc well worth trackin’ down. Things close with “Glass Floor,” a very minimal beat track combining old school style beats with pinches of sound and a string line that bring “Nude Photo” to mind. Chris Orr