I honestly can’t remember how I got hold of this EP or how I heard about the label in the first place. However, this first release really impressed me, especially “Module Fun” by CiM. A slew of bouncy, dancey, melodic techno came out in the UK in the mid-to- late ’90s and this one — and the label in general— was probably overlooked at the time given the quantity of material released in that time.

Preludes And Nocturnes
The first release from a new label out of Cardiff, Wales and what a little corker it is. Sean Deason activates side one with the very dancey, but frantic, acid of “Meltdown,” followed by the chunky techno soul of “Module Fun” by CiM. If you like Mad Mike, Eddie Fowlkes and Hi Bias’ techier outings then you will love this. Over on the B side Chris Sattinger’s “Touchdown” is a long, very groovy but contemplative journey into deepness of the overtly electronic kind. This EP finishes with the hard, tracky ‘Ascendant” by Tom Churchill. Can’t wait to see what this label has in store for us next. Chris Orr