This was one of the promos that Omid ’16B’ Nourizadeh gave me when I went over to his place in Putney, London in December of 1996. On this double-pack Weatherall steered his decidedly left-field project with Keith Tenniswood (aka Radioactive Man) in a very deep house direction. This was especially evident on the now classic “Glide By Shooting,” a smoothed-out, abstract house track that sounded a bit like Chicago deep house don Vincent Floyd colliding with Italian house pioneer Don Carlos. A beautiful track and a beautiful package all round. Omid and Anthony Teasdale did a joint remix of “Rico’s Helly.” Glasgow Underground head honcho Kevin McKay and partner Andy Carrick turned in a remix under their Musique Tropique monicker.

Two Lone Swordsmen
Swimming Not Skimming
Emissions Audio Output/UK/2 X 12
Not exactly house, not exactly techno, just stonking good, 4/4 based, dubbed out electro-funk. This is the sound of Weatherall intaking too many herbs, listening to dub and stuff by Liquid Liquid and ESG, then throwing down his own warped take on proceedings. The opening track “Glide By Shooting” is spaced-out bouncy house with killer percussion and a totally abstract feel. The flipside is more of the same, deep, techy house with the presence of dub hanging over everything like a cloud of smoke.

The second disc contains remixes of “Rico’s Helly” and various other tracks from the likes of Musique Tropique and deep techno dude Anthony Teasdale. Omid ’16B’ Nourizadeh and Anthony Teasdale’s mix opts for a distinctive two-step rhythm pattern and a very old school dub feel, all topped off with cold and emotive strings and delicate keyboard touches. Musique Tropique’s mix also delivers the goods in fine stylee. If anyone claims Weatherall has jumped the bandwagon he should be challenged to a duel with swords at dawn. Very essential record. Chris Orr