I can’t remember where I got this one, but the voices inside my head are telling me that I might have bought it in BPM when it was situated on Polk St. between Post and Sutter. It’s a very groovy, little record from Germany. If you like Mr. Fingers style deep house then you will love “Future Takes Place.” That’ the cut I gravitated to and I think I’m gonna pull it out, scan the label for an image to use in this piece and then give it a wee twirl on my turntable. Why not, eh?

Abduction EP
I charted this in the last issue, but neglected to review it. Anyway, it’s well worth picking up if you like the old school sound or like your house/techno with a quirky edge. The sounds on this EP are excellent, the tracks are very dancey, but suited to very late night floors, the vocal samples are nice ‘n’ weird and overall it’s very groovy. Why are you sitting there reading this review? Get out to a store this instant and buy this bloody record. Chris Orr