This was a really welcome edition to the Detroit canon of work when it dropped in 1996. Many of Saunderson’s early classics are included and that’s what made this collection essential. If you don’t have it on CD or LP it is well worth tracking down. In retrospect I am not fully sure if Avex released it first or if it was Planet E, but since I mentioned that it was Avex Records I’m sure there was some strong reason for that assertion. British label, and champion of Detroit techno, Network signed a deal with Avex in 1996. This compilation came out in the UK on Six By Six Records, which was an offshoot of Network, which was itself an evolution of Neil Rushton’s Kool Kat, a home from home for Detroit techno in the English midlands.

Kevin Saunderson
Face And Phases
Planet E/US/2XLP/CD
Planet E have licensed the recent UK Avex Records compilation of Kevin ‘Master Reese’ Saunderson’s finest moments. No need really for a synopsis on his career as we know what his involvement in the formation of techno was. But what you need to know is that this collection will be released on two separate vinyl double packs and CD and contains toons like “The Sound,” “Let’s Lets Dance” and the luxuriantly deep, moody and spooky “Just Want Another Chance.” Techno and house enthusiasts will need these fine collections. Planet E push ahead, look back and reign supreme in keeping the motor city heritage alive. Chris Orr