I had already picked up a few records on Kelli Hand’s Acacia label in Ireland and was really impressed with the off-kilter Detroitisms that were evident on the house tunes she released. These were displayed in fine form on Acacia 004, “No Heartbreaks” by Etat Solide Feat. Zoey, which sounded like Crystal Waters produced by UR. TheĀ release below, which I reviewed in ’96, was no miss either. Unfortunately there are no videos on youtube to post, but it’s a great EP and should be tracked down.

K. Hand
Unreleased Project
3 track EP of dancefloor goodies kicking off with the weirdy trackwork of “Electrico” and flipped by the sample disco of “Keep On Walkin” and “Do You Love Me.” Kicky, techy house for perky people on groovy floors (OK, enough of the airhead commentary). Worth checking. Chris Orr