Underground Resistance
Electronic Warfare EP
Underground Resistance/US/2×12
Mad Mike’s mighty UR return from that unknown place (which is about to be demolished and developed as we speak) with this double 12-inch collection of uncompromising techno and electro grooves. I have no titles to work with on this collection, but what we have is two discs with eight cuts in all, one being a message to us, the listeners, telling us not to let ourselves be programmed. The overall feeling of this release is one of raw, electronic desolation, a kind of circuit-based anger. Whereas sharp, edgy sounds and cold strings dominate the first disc, the second is less intense, starting out with a marathon trancey electro cut, a modern Kraftwerkian daydream of Utopia, punctuated by sharp electronic reminders of the state of our real world.

The final side is taken up by two sparse electro tracks, alien progeny of the blues attempting to communicate with the mothership from a lifeless planet where organic music is atmsopherically impossible. This double pack does not contain the jazz-tinged experimentation of earlier EPs like “World 2 World”or “Galaxy 2 Galaxy,” the mood is much more barren. Obviously winter is beginning to descend on the Motor City and the sun has been sonically memorized for future reference and future releases. If you like your techno cold, stark and confrontational then you’ll love this. Music from deep in the underground. Chris Orr