Sonic Boom Society
Shading Light EP

Mike Dunn has become a lot more prolific recently thanks to the success of “God Made Me Phunky” and “Da Track Dummies.” On this platter Dunn draws on the inspiration of some of the early Chicago pioneers he started out with, most notably Joe Smooth. “Help Me Lord” exudes the same religious fervor and introversion as Smooth’s “Promised Land,” utilizing a similar driving disco bassline and muted strings, but to this basic framework Dunn adds busy, NY-style percussion with a dull snare and shuffling hi-hats. He adds his own soft narration over the track, intoning the souls struggle in this cruel world and asking the man above for some divine intervention.

The Dub version takes a more positive and uplifting position with the addition of a simple piano line and a voice telling us to “Lose yourself in the music.” The bassline is chopped down, the strings given more prominence in the mix and Dunn adds a bright organ stab. “Work Da Groove” on the B-side is a simple affair like “Welcome to Da Klub” and comes in three similar mixes, good for a skippy garage set. But “Help Me Lord” is the cut for investment. Chris Orr