This is a review of an EP by Maurice Joshua from 1995. Some great labels popped up in Chicago as house music moved deeper into its second phase — or its third? — and seasoned players like Maurice, who had been knocking out acid tracks in the late ’80s, were now very well versed with the house music thing. This EP from ’95 is a testament to his chops.

Maurice Joshua
House 102
Music Plant/US/12  
Vibe Music from Chicago, one of our featured labels, has changed its name and proffered forth this strong release from label regular Maurice. ‘House 102’ takes up where 101 left off, kicky discoid house replete with vocal samples, smooth strings and all things discoey. However, ‘Inch by Inch’ is a breakbeat thing that will appeal to the jazz heads. It’s simple mixing material, but has enough going on in it to keep the floor shuffling. Maurice closes this tour track affair with a jumpy, lickle acid toon called ‘Scream’ which features a 303 and some screams over bouncy beats. Look out for a new volume of ‘Phatheadz’ by The Don and a new single by Meechie also on this imprint and available at a record retailer near you or not near you, if  you live way out of town. CO