This was a white label doo dat that the Idjuts sent me back in the ’90s. I loved their sound so much, especially “Foolin’,” which I used to absolutely hammer the shite out of in the mid-to-late ’90s. This white label reviewed below was a bootleg and I cannot find it on discogs and I no longer have it, as I traded it for a copy of “My Baby’s Got ESP” by Four Below Zero. I justified this by telling myself that I already had El Coco’s “Cocomotion ’79” on a twelve inch, so I didn’t need an edit. To quote the Doobie Brothers, what a fool believes. Nothing is more gorgeousful, validating and fulfilling than having a rare white label that is not on discogs (to my knowledge anyways). You live and learn.

The Idjuts used to come through the Bay Area quite often. I remember catching them at The Top a few times and that was always a huge pleasure. You’d hear them drop Prelude records next to Basic Channel and while you were ordering a drink at the bar — and perhaps having your arse felt by an attractive, young lady, who might have been singing in your ear also (ah, Bay Area rave seduction methods of the ’90s) — they’d glide effortlessly into a beautiful, New Jersey garage tune, and an overwhelming feeling of well being would fall across the venue.

I also remember running into them in the dance music clearance vinyl section of Berkeley Amoeba on an overcast Tuesday morning, in ’97, I believe. I went down there for a quick weasel myself, on a coffee break while I was working at Rastupid’s up the street on Telegraph. When I crouched down to flick through the 50 cent treasure there were the two boys having a right old dig in the AM. “Jesus, how’s it goin’ lads?” “What’s up Chris?” Anyways, bun-grabbing nostalgia aside, enjoy this review, dredged up from XLR8R #19. The record had very little in the way of details on the label so this is how the review appeared in the magazine, except it was on an analog platform called paper.

Idjut Boys
White Label, Disco Edit Thingy
It’s a White label, OK/UK/12
I don’t know if this is on U-Star or not, I don’t think Idjut Boys know either, in fact, I don’t know if this is even by the Idjut Boys, OK, let’s just say that it’s not. This record is by two farmers from Southern Bavaria who found a 303 and an 808 drum machine and decided to do naughty edits on a couple of classic disco tunes just to the pass the hours between sheep herding and sheep sh…earing. Studio surgery gets inflicted on El Coco’s ‘Cocomotion’ and Starguard’s “Wear It Out” (which actually features live guitar by a friend from a nearby village).

What can you say, really? The full-on guitar-propelled disco cut is one mother, capable of taking your floor to new heights, and the two versions of “The Cocomotion” plumb the stoney, groove-laden, dubbed out depths of classic Larry Levan mixes like “Seventh Heaven.” The second, short mix gets incredibly deep ‘n’ strange and might even tempt one to grab a pack of Zig Zags or an alternative form of ignition to enhance your listening pleasure and assist you in experiencing the smooth, warm glow of a stereophonic lushness seldom found in the western hemisphere (shut up and get on with it! Editor). All in all, German agricultural disco is much more enjoyable than German industrial techno. Right ? Chris Orr